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Turkey Imposed Anti-dumping Duty on Products of Vietnam

The Ministry of Economy of Turkey has just issued the conclusion on anti-dumping investigations against such products as plywood and polyester textured yarn imported from Vietnam.
According to the investigation report content of the Turkish Ministry of Economy, there are only 2 Vietnam enterprises engaged in providing information to the investigating authorities.

These enterprises will not be subjected to the application of measures against evasion of anti-dumping duty, since they have provided information in full and on time and proved that export products are produced in their company.
Particularly for businesses that do not provide information to the investigating authorities, they will be subjected to the application of tax rate of 240 USD/m3 (equivalent to the anti-dumping duty that has been applied by Turkey to the import goods of China’s enterprises).
The time to apply the tax rate is as soon as the Ministry of Economy published the contents of the investigation in the Official Gazette of Turkey. However, Turkey has also announced that they will review the comments on the report of the investigation of the relating parties.
The case of evading anti-dumping duty investigation for plywood products that are imported from a number of countries, including Vietnam was initiated from the date of May 27th 2015 for plywood products with HS codes: 4412.10; 4412.31; 4412.32 and 4412.39 in the period from 2010 to the present.
Earlier in 2006, Turkey has decided to impose anti-dumping duty for the aforementioned products imported from China, with the tax rate of 240 USD/m3.
Also under the Trade Office – Vietnam Embassy in Turkey, Directorate General for Imports – Ministry of Economy of Turkey has just issued the conclusion for the anti-dumping investigation on polyester textured yarn imported from several countries, including Vietnam.
Based on the conclusion, the Turkey’s investigation agency determined the dumping margin of Vietnam enterprises is 34.81% – 72.56%; Thailand is 8.48% – 37.69%. Directorate General for Imports – Ministry of Economy of Turkey advised related parties to send complaints or feedback on the investigation report. After that, Directorate General for Imports – Ministry of Economy of Turkey will hold separate hearings for each enterprise.
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